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Attend Power Plant Maintenance Asia 2016 to:

PREVENT DOWNTIMEDiscover how proactive and diagnostic maintenance can optimize plant output and reduce downtime

REDUCE COSTSDiscuss balancing performance, risk and expenditure in developing a robust asset management strategy for long-term cost reduction

EXTEND ASSET LIFELearn how to reduce operational stress and identify key maintenance factors to extend asset and plant service life

IMPROVE EFFICIENCYUnderstand the cost savings and efficiency improvements of compliance with ISO 55000 asset management standards

BENCHMARK WITH PEERSEngage in interactive round tables for in-depth technical and strategic discussion

Featured Speakers Include:

En Abdul Razak Salleh
General Manager, Generation
Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd
Stuart McWilliams
EVP, Asset Management
Senoko Energy
Dr. Somgiat Dekrajangpetch
Senior Vice President, Asset Optimization
Glow Company Ltd
Sanil C Namboodiripad
Head, Asset Management
Sterlite Power Grid Ventures Ltd

Optimizing Power Generation Through Cost-Effective Maintenance

With Asia-Pacific energy demand projected to nearly double by 2030 according to the Asian Development Bank, sustaining reliable output and operational efficiency at regional power stations is more important than ever.

Join key stakeholders in power generation and asset management at Power Plant Maintenance Asia 2016 to attend the only event in Southeast Asia focused on optimizing power generation through cost-effective maintenance to prevent downtime, reduce costs, extend asset life and improve plant efficiency.

Discuss, network and walk away with actionable strategies for your power plant at Power Plant Maintenance Asia!

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